Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin is a protein, naturally found in the hair.  Over time, our hair is depleted of keratin- leaving the hair frizzy, dry and unruly.  Keratin Treatments infuse the protein back into the cuticle, filling in all the 'gaps' for a smoother and more shiny head of hair.  Our favorite brand is Lasio Keratin! 

Please note, keratin does not permanently alter the hair shape.  It temporarily infuses protein into the hair, shortening your drying time, giving your hair a smooth appearance without frizz.  Curls will still be curly, but slightly relaxed.  Here's the process overview: 

1. Clarifying Wash + quick blowdry 

2. Keratin application 

3. Quick Dry 2 

4. Flat iron passes to infuse the product into the hair (6-10 passes depending on hair type) 

5. Wash again (the keratin works immediately, and the wash is important to prevent overproteinization which could cause dryness) . 

6. OPTIONAL: you can leave wet, or add on a customized BlowDry! 

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