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Price Increases 

There are two factors to pricing here at HauteDry: 

1) Base Pricing 

2) Stylist Service Levels

Base pricing: is a formulation of overhead, cost of goods and staffing needs.  Each service base price will be increased annually (we alternate categories quarterly so they don't all raise at the same time).  We base the increase on our overhead, cost of goods, and use CPI as a guide.  The max increase is 10%, but we use CPI when at all possible.

Stylist Service Levels:  Each Stylist on our team is hoping to elevate their skills, quality and consistency through education, teamwork, and accountability.  We evaluate each of their skills quarterly with a step-by-step process to determine if they have 'leveled' up based on the results they are producing.  Once all of their services have leveled up, they will be eligible to be considered for a higher Stylist level.  Please remember, if you are not willing to pay the prices after their promotion, we are happy to connect you with another Stylist at a lower level.  We are here to serve, so let us know your preference.  

Here's how price changes work so you know what to expect: 


  • Pay raise happens at beginning of next quarter (We will send an email showing which services are anticipating a price increase)

  • Stylists leveling up, their new prices will begin at the beginning of next quarter

  • Please remember to celebrate with your Stylist if they receive a level-up, its an exciting accomplishment! 


Quarter 1 Increases:

Special Occasion

Conditioning treatments

Partial Highlights




Quarter 2 Increases: 

Full Highlights


Single Process Color


Add Ons


Quarter 3 Increases: 







Quarter 4 Increases:

Extension Removal


Color Gloss


Platinum Retouch


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Offerings and prices may change without notice, please refer to our process to prevent surprises.