What makes a top-notch blonde?

Do you want to look ‘expensive’ as a blonde? We’ve compiled our list of the top 5 things that make a difference when it comes to blonding.  















1 || Seamless from old to new 

Have you ever noticed when you get new highlights, you can see the difference between the old and new? Either the colors are different, or the old highlights are still visible because new highlights were picked up?  Top-notch blonding experts know how to seamlessly blend the old and new with multiple techniques.  


2|| Stop the oxidizing process 

Highlights (and root color as well) keep ‘oxidizing’ aka processing, even after it’s shampooed unless you stop the chemical process.  This causes your color to slowly adjust and adapt even after you go home.  We use a special mix at the bowl that stops the chemical process, keeping your hair healthy, vibrant, and ‘true to color’.  


3|| Choose the tone based on YOUR undertones


For the most flattering hair color choices, you’ll want to consider your complexion and undertones.  For haircolor, it should be opposite of your undertone (if you’re cool undertone, you should stick to warm blondes)


4 || Keep it healthy! 

The ‘same’ parts of the hair is most healthy when it’s only lightened 2 times.  Trying to avoid going from dark to light, and then light to dark is important for the health of your hair.  Also, as blonding experts, we know how to prevent overlap to safely lift the hair.  Using a bond strengthener during your highlighting sessions is also important! 


5|| Erase foil lines

High quality blonding grows out naturally, without ‘harsh foil lines’.  We do this through special techniques during application, as well as glossing techniques to erase foil lines.  Similar to balayage, proper foiling techniques create a ‘gradient’ look! 


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