What makes a top-notch blonde?

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Results Guide for Services

This is a Guest Guide for the services we offer, to help you decide which level Stylist you may need to get your desired outcome. All of our Stylists are licensed professionals! CLICK HERE ( to view the guide

Service Levels For Color & Highlights

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Special Event Hair Styling

Depending on your goals, here are the Styles each level Stylist is able to offer. Each level Stylist is priced differently, so let us know if your number one concern is price OR skill level. We are happy to help! Book here! (


!! NEW & Improved !! Hair Type & Technique Specific Booking Our BlowDry starts at a base timing and basic technique, and you can customize the reservation based on your hair type and BlowDry goal. This allows us to customize your timing, and also gives a 'savings' if you want just a basic one brush BlowDry. If you are a returning Guest and like the 'same thing' every time- just tell us you'd like us to customize your timing on the back end to save you time at booking! --------------------...

Root Color

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Color Glosses

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Level 4 and 5 BlowDry

A level 4 and 5 Stylist are the highest skill level BlowDry Stylist. They have the same skill level, level 5 is just involved in the team education process. ALL styles are an option for these level Stylist (timing of the BlowDry is customized for each Stylist). Please plan to add on any 'hair type add-ons' or 'technique add-ons' at the time of booking.

Level 3 BlowDry Looks

Level 3 Stylists have mastered their technique and skills required to accomplish the menu above! Please be sure to customize your reservation at the time of booking.

BlowDry Level 2

Men's HairCuts & Other Services

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Nail Services

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Women's Haircuts

Our Women's Haircut Options offer something for every goal. A quick, one length trim, standard haircut, OR a specialty cut (for major changes). All haircuts include a shampoo service, and haircut based on your goals. If you'd like to add a BlowDry, please let us know how to customize the timing for you. All Stylists are licensed HairStylists, however the level of Stylist will be chosen based on your desired outcome as some haircuts require more experience and training. If you're not sure which...

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin is a protein, naturally found in the hair. Over time, our hair is depleted of keratin- leaving the hair frizzy, dry and unruly. Keratin Treatments infuse the protein back into the cuticle, filling in all the 'gaps' for a smoother and more shiny head of hair. Our favorite brand is Lasio Keratin! ( Please note, keratin does not permanently alter the hair shape. It temporarily infuses protein into the hair, shortening your drying time, givin...

Makeup Application

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Hair Health Treatments

There are 4 pillars to hair health, tell us your goal- or let us take a look and decide for you! All Express treatments are a quick dose of whatever you need, and Deluxe includes a power-packed treatment + a 5 minute scalp massage. Add on to any full service, or add to a Shampoo service if you'd prefer to leave wet. Pre-Treat If your hair feels dry, dull, or has buildup- a pre-Treatment to clarify unwanted buildup will make your treatment more affective. Our Stylists will choose from: B Clea...

Highlighting services

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Our Menu & Periodic Price Changes

Price Increases There are two factors to pricing here at HauteDry: 1) Base Pricing 2) Stylist Service Levels Base pricing: is a formulation of overhead, cost of goods and staffing needs. Each service base price will be increased annually (we alternate categories quarterly so they don't all raise at the same time). We base the increase on our overhead, cost of goods, and use CPI as a guide. The max increase is 10%, but we use CPI when at all possible. Stylist Service Levels: Each Stylist...

Color Consults

Here are our two color consult options, chat with us to figure out which would be best for you! ------------------------- - Discovery Consult (For those that need to narrow down their goal) - Precision Consult- In Person (For those who have a clear idea but want to execute the plan. This would be narrowed down to 2 inspirational pictures). -------------------------

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Full Service Quality Guarantee: We work off of a 'realistic inspiration photo'. Please note that the quality guarantee only works within that inspo photo, and it will not be to create a whole new inspiration goal. If you are not satisfied with your service, please contact us within 7 days so we can make slight adjustments to your hair. We are more than happy to offer up to 30% of the total bill as a credit to make an adjustment to be used within 14 days of the date you contacted us about the...

Quality Guarantee & Refunds

Due to our quality guarantee (, we will be happy to offer a credit to make it right within the specified window of time. We will not be able to offer refunds for services.

Extension Process

If you're thinking about getting extensions, we have a three-status consultation process to help you determine what's right for you. ------------------------- 1: Guests who are just curious about extensions in general. We'll answer any questions you have and help you understand the different types of extension options available. 2: Guests who have never had extensions before but are interested in getting started. We'll send you an inquiry form to get started with the consult process. ...